A lot of people think you have to be in great health with excellent mobility to grow a garden. There’s so much lifting of things like bags of compost. You have to push around a wheelbarrow. Then there are all those watering cans to cart around to plants. Don’t forget squatting to weed and seed. Of course, you have to dig big holes too! Frankly, you do have to be in a state of peak fitness to garden like that. But luckily, you don’t have to garden like that at all. There are plenty of ways to garden smart rather than relying on brawn and bending.

At Glen Oaks Community we have raised gardens and garden plots. Our maintenance team will prepare the soil for planting. Residents can choose as large or small of a plot as they like. A garden hose is stationed for easy watering. Residents of Glen Oaks plant pumpkins, tomatoes, strawberries, green beans, flowers and much more. Residents of TimberCrest use raise gardens on our community patios and large pots on their balconies. Many options to make gardening fun, easy and enjoyable.

Let me inspire you to garden at any age and even with ailments that make traditional gardening more difficult with these smart tricks and shortcuts.

  1.     Use Wheels
  2.     Optimize Space and heavy lifting.
  3.     Improve tools.
  4.     Make use of a garden seat kneeler
  5.     Use a rolling garden bench.
  6.     Use long handles vs. short, handled tools.
  7.     Garden in Raised Beds
  8.     Use waist height beds.
  9.     Try large container gardening.
  10. Garden in Tires
  11. Use a multitude of small containers.
  12. Easy moisture management
  13. Install an irrigation system.
  14. Use mulch to preserve water.
  15. Invest in lightweight hoses.
  16. Stay sharp with hydroponics.
  17. Go vertical.
  18. Avoid overstretching and overexertion.

As we step into our senior years, the love for gardening doesn’t diminish, but our ability to spend long hours toiling in the soil might. Use our tips above to make gardening a fun way to get some sunshine and exercise and share in the delight of fresh vegetables and pretty flowers.

Call Kim to schedule a private tour today at 641-355-1203. Apartment availability is limited. Visit us at www.glenoakscommunity.com or our Facebook page.