As people age, the opportunities for social interaction become less and less. Friends and family move away, lack of suitable transportation, the death of a spouse, or living alone can result in loneliness. Studies prove that regular engagement in social activities lead to a more fulfilled and happier life.

Better health, potentially longer life

Adults need social contact for improved physical and mental well-being. When active adults take part in meaningful activities with close family and friends, stress levels are reduced and improved immune systems lead to more physical fitness. Active Adults get a sense of purpose when they engage in sports, arts, volunteering or any activity that is helpful to others. This can help prevent depression. People who engage with the world around them tend to live longer.

Improved cognitive function

Studies show active adults who frequently socialize have a rate of cognitive decline that is 70% lower than those with a sedentary lifestyle. If you want to thrive, wake up, be active, and live life your way. People are social creatures; they need social interaction.

Greater self-esteem and sense of belonging

When a person has a sense of community, it gives them a reason to happily greet each day. Places to go and people to see are great motivation to get through a lonely time in life. Relationships give us a sense of belonging. This boosts self-esteem even when things are difficult.

Glen Oaks Community

A simple and sure way to combat social isolation is to move into an Independent Living Community. At Glen Oaks Community, in Clear Lake, Iowa, you can engage in both group and individual activities. From swimming, sitting in the hot tub and working out in the wellness center, to singing, playing pool, or watching a movie in the Theater Room there are activities all day long to pique your interest. Chat over coffee, compose your Holiday letter in the library or put a puzzle together in the Community Room. At Glen Oaks Community you are free to make choices AND socialize with likeminded friends. Here, the group and individual activities will spruce up your social life, improving the quality of your life. At Glen Oaks Community you can enjoy a walk, garden, or play cards, among many other activities. Contact us today to learn more about Glen Oaks Community.