Most of us have an accumulation of family photos. This can be another item that others, even family members, are not interested in. Consider digitizing them. Digitized photos are easier to share and will last longer than the original photos. Set them to music, add on a flash drive or CD, remove duplicates, and make it fun!

When you downsize from a home to an Independent Living Community, many things can be downsized, including photos and photo albums!

  • Go through your photo boxes with a photo pen. If people are not identified and you want to save, write the names of the people or other information on the back of the photo.
  • Throw out any photos that are of only landscape or contain people or places you cannot identify. No one else cares or will be interested in those.
  • Put all the photos back in the box and pass them along to your family. It’s up to them if they choose to save or digitize. You don’t even need to know the outcome but now that task is off your plate and your photo drawers or shelves are cleaned out and organized.
  • If you have several pictures of a trip you took, think of keeping 2-3 of the best ones for your own personal memory.
  • Have a Pizza Picture Party. Gather family together and go through the photos together, sharing memories and some laughs.
  • Designate one person to collect family photos that people would like copies of or that will be responsible for digitizing them. Have your children take photos of themselves that they want to keep.

Store and access images in the cloud

Storing your digital photos on the cloud will save physical storage space and, more importantly, protect your cherished photos from disaster. Computers and smartphones crash, and DVDs and thumb drives can break or be misplaced. Cloud storage protects against a devastating loss: losing snapshots of laughter, love, and growth.

Amazon Prime members have unlimited photo storage included with their membership. Non-Prime members get 5GB of free cloud storage, which can store up to 2,000 photos.

Apple’s cloud storage, iCloud, offers 5GB worth of photo storage for Apple users. If more storage space is needed, Apple charges about $1 a month for 50GB and $3 for 200GB. If you already use Apple products, this is an easy option that offers automatic uploads.

Other companies offering cloud storage include Google, Dropbox, Flickr, and Shutterfly.

Enjoy customizable photo creations!

If you prefer to have something to hold and flip through—without firing up the computer—custom photo books, created using digitized images, are a great solution.

Creating a photo book is fun, easy, and affordable. You can add captions, group images together to tell your own story, and make unlimited copies of your photo book to give to friends and family.,, and Amazon Prints are three user-friendly sites to check out for making photo books.

After you have downsized your photos, it’s time to think of a move to Glen Oaks Community. TimberCrest at Glen Oaks offers four floor plans, activities, like-minded friendships, and socialization. Call Kim to schedule a private tour and reserve your new home today! 641-355-1203