October is already here, and winter is just around the corner. While the snow can be beautiful, the winter season can also get in the way of your healthy lifestyle — and pose life-threatening challenges.

Now is the best time to plan where and how you will spend the coming winter months. Fortunately, the TimberCrest at Glen Oaks Senior Living Community is optimized for your active lifestyle and overall comfort. Designed for active seniors aged 55 years and older, there are so many wonderful amenities offered.

Maintenance-free living

Our motto, “Live Life Your Way” is designed to free up your time so that you can go about your active lifestyle. The responsibility and burden of routine home maintenance and yard work should not at the top of your list when it comes to retirement. Maintenance free living may be the perfect solution. Especially at a certain time in your life, whether you are in a pre-retirement stage or retired, you value when work is done for your professionally, and regularly. A maintenance free community eliminates much of the responsibility and added expense of routine home maintenance, such as yard work and home repairs, as well as the larger costs that accompany home maintenance needs. That means residents don’t have to shell out un-budgeted funds to manage garden care or lawn maintenance, or even to replace appliances, it just gets done. And you don’t have to spend weekends planting flowers, laying mulch, or mowing the lawn, you can focus on what you like to do most instead. Less worries, more ease of mind, more living!

Comfortable living

You have spent all of your life working, and you deserve to live in comfort. The TimberCrest Independent Living apartments and Townhomes are fitted with everything you need to live hassle-free. Amenities include:

  • An indoor heated swimming pool
  • Hot tub
  • Theater Room
  • Club room with gaming amenities such as a pool table, card table and dartboard
  • Many community spaces to socialize with other residents
  • Full size gym with pickleball
  • Fitness Center and wellness classes
  • Walking Paths

We know you have put in the time, and we are here to let you tap into the big reserve of relaxation you have earned! It’s your chance to dust off those hobbies, get outdoors, visit family, and admire someone else’s hard work on the lawn. Saturdays are looking good. You will love being able to pick up and go on that golfing or overseas trip without hassle or worry. No sprinkler timers and favors called in from the neighbor to water your plants. The exterior of your home is beautifully maintained during every season of the year. This includes lawn care, planting and mulching, irrigation, pruning and more. Our green thumb will take care of keeping your home and neighborhood rich, alive, and colorful. The money you will save in annual planting and maintenance can be put right back into your travel budget.

Make it easy to forget the bitter cold weather outside this winter by surrounding yourself in total comfort. An active lifestyle is healthy and fulfilling and can help you feel younger. Call us at 641.355.1203 or click here for more information.