Our bodies tend to lose their flexibility, strength, and balance as we get older, making it increasingly difficult to maintain physical fitness. Thankfully, there are many physical and occupational therapy solutions that can help restore and improve muscle functionality as well as reduce pain and increase mobility. Gone are the days when physical therapy was viewed only as a reactionary treatment for injuries. It is now used as a means of fitness maintenance and injury prevention. Here, we take a look at the benefits of physical therapy for adults who want to maintain their active lifestyle.


Kids and teenagers seem to bounce back from illness and injury quickly and with ease. The recovery process tends to become more challenging as we age, making prevention the best course of action. The Fall Prevention and Balance Program offered by Northern Iowa Therapy (NIT) helps Glen Oaks residents enhance their strength, coordination, and mobility, while also reducing pain, re-educating muscles, and improving their walking abilities. Residents also have the option of doing proactive quarterly screens to identify and mitigate any changes in their health. If injury or illness does occur, NIT’s specialized therapists will speed the recovery process and reduce the risk of re-hospitalization with personalized care plans.

Treatment of chronic pain

Persistent discomfort from aches and muscle or joint irritation are common in later adulthood. Pharmaceuticals used to treat chronic pain tend to be only partially effective and can have side effects. Unfortunately, older adults are often underrepresented in clinical trials of pain medications, meaning effectiveness and potential impacts can be unknown for this age group.

For these reasons, many adults suffering from chronic pain turn to physical therapy for relief. Therapists often employ care options such as the Graston Technique, craniosacral therapy, Kinesio Taping and dry needling to effectively reduce pain without medicine. Many of the experienced clinicians at NIT have advanced training in these techniques, ensuring Glen Oaks residents can continue to live their best lives pain-free without the need for prescription drugs.

Ease symptoms of common health issues

Experiencing health issues in late adulthood can sometimes create feelings of isolation as the individual has less desire and ability to be active and socialize. The symptoms of certain health conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis, vertigo, incontinence, and many others, can be reduced with physical therapy, thus helping adults maintain their active lifestyle.

NIT works with individual residents to design tailored clinical pathways to provide the skills and training they need to remain active despite their health issues. Glen Oaks residents can participate in programs such as the Bladder Improvement Program to decrease the risk of bladder infection, reduce the amount spent on bladder related products and increase core strength.

Live life your way

Retirement should be about relaxing and enjoying the things you want to do. It should be about socializing with like-minded neighbors and exploring new hobbies and activities. At Glen Oaks community our goal is to enable our residents to live life the way they want to without worry. Our partnership with Northern Iowa Therapy is yet another step we are taking to achieve this. By offering coordinated therapy services through NIT, we are helping our residents stay active and independent for longer, ensuring they live their golden years exactly how they pictured them.

If living in a maintenance-free community of active adults 55 years and older, with amenities like a heated swimming pool, hot tub, fitness center and woodworking room, sounds like a dream, then Glen Oaks is the retirement community for you! Surrounded by the rolling hills and vast green spaces of Clear Lake, Iowa, our TimberCrest apartments and townhomes at The Terraces combine scenic views and opportunities for new friendships and recreation in paramount comfort. Take a virtual tour or schedule an in-person tour today!