Not only does gardening produce beautiful flowers and tasty vegetables, but it can have positive effects on your body that you might not expect. From boosting your mood to providing solid cognitive benefits, gardening can improve your mental and physical health in several ways.

Whether you used to enjoy gardening before joining the community at Glen Oaks or are simply interested in trying something new, our raised gardens and gardening plots make getting started with this activity easy. Here we discuss some of the most significant ways gardening can benefit you!

Relieve stress

Connecting with nature is a natural stress reliever, and gardening allows you to surround yourself with your favorite flowers and the plants you enjoy most. This slow, methodical activity can be a peaceful way to relax and take a break from anything that may be causing you stress while also getting fresh air. Caring for your garden and enjoying its beauty can also lower your cortisol levels, which can help keep your blood pressure and glucose levels under control. Gardening can be an excellent activity for spending time with friends and family members, which can also help boost your mood and relieve stress. 

Good source of exercise 

Although some people may not consider gardening to be exercise, especially in comparison to running, biking, swimming and other types of intense exercise, it can provide just the right amount of light physical activity to help older adults keep moving and stay healthy. Separating seeds, digging, replacing soil and other motions that are involved in gardening can help keep your muscles and joints working smoothly. 

Reduce the risk of dementia 

Gardening may not be quite as helpful as solving puzzles, reading, taking online courses or enjoying other activities that promote learning and reduce your risk of developing dementia, but it does provide enough mental stimulation to make a difference. In fact, frequent gardeners may be up to 36% less likely to develop dementia than people who do not regularly do a similar activity, one study found.

Focusing on the task at hand and thinking about what you are doing and why can help boost your mental alertness, memory and sensory awareness. Using the parts of your brain that are needed to dig, plant and weed your garden can help keep your fine motor skills sharp.  

Boost your mood

Spending time outdoors doing something you enjoy can significantly improve your mood and outlook on life. This is especially true when you are enjoying the fresh air while sharing a conversation with a neighbor, friend or family member. Gardening is a simple and calming pastime that can help reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety or other mental health concerns and help you live an overall happier life. 

Move to Glen Oaks Community and garden every day!

At Glen Oaks Community, our raised gardens and gardening plots make it convenient to enjoy planting and caring for your favorite flowers and vegetables. We also offer a wide range of other amenities for staying fit and having fun as a member of our community, such as our pool, fitness center, hot tub, gymnasium and walking trails. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of becoming part of our community or to schedule a tour. We also invite you to explore our virtual tour anytime!