While your life might look different now than it did when you were younger, it’s never too late to set goals and improve yourself. These new year’s resolutions for seniors will prove that you don’t ever have to settle for things the way they are. You still have the power to improve your life, your future, and yourself, no matter what stage of life you’re in. Here are ten ideas for New Year’s resolutions for seniors.

  1. Eat more nutritious foods.

Your health matters now more than ever. Adding more nutrient-dense foods to your diet can help you feel better and have better energy.

  1. Move joyfully.

Find a method of movement or exercise you enjoy and incorporate it into your daily habits. Physical activity is especially important for older people as it supports heart health, strengthens joints, and reduces the risk of injury from falls. Having trouble working out when the weather gets colder? Glen Oaks Community has you covered. We offer an indoor heated swimming pool, hot tub, fitness room complete with nu-step and treadmills, a full-size gymnasium for walking, pickleball, basketball, you name it, a hot tub to relax your muscles, a locker room and many walking paths both indoors and outside. 

  1. Learn something new.

What have you always wanted to do, but never had the time for? A language, sport, or hobby? Learn it now! Set a goal to keep learning this year. Our community college offers Lifelong Learning classes as well as all of our community activities like team trivia and Lunch and Learn speakers. 

  1. Make new friends or spend more time with old ones.

Feeling lonely and isolated actually has serious health concerns. Set a goal either to make new friends or keep in regular contact with old ones. If you’re struggling to meet like-minded people in your same stage of life, you might consider a move to TimberCrest Independent Living at Glen Oaks Community. 

  1. Organize your life.

If you need to create a will, organize your finances, clean out the garage, or coordinate your medical records, this is the year to do it! What can you organize this year that will make your life easier in the future? Consider downsizing and moving to TimberCrest at Glen Oaks. Every apartment offers a storage closet for your holiday decorations, suitcases, all the things you want to save when downsizing but don’t want to get rid of. 

  1. Sleep better.

Stop settling for low-quality sleep! Find solutions to sleep problems you might have, create a better nighttime routine, or talk to your doctor about insomnia or other concerns you might have about your sleep. At Glen Oaks Community, residents gather for cards, games, and socialization in the evenings. What better way to stay happy and not be isolated will help you sleep better. 

  1. Stay creative.

Find creative outlets for your mind this year. You can try a new form of art, like watercolor painting or sculpting, or start an old hobby you haven’t visited in a while. Creativity is important for brain function, so prioritize being creative. Clear Lake, Iowa is home to many creative outlets like the Art Museum, the Library and many shopping outlets.

  1. Preserve your life story.

Your grandchildren and great-grandchildren want to know about your life, all of it, including the parts before they were born. Memorialize your life story in some way for your descendants to read or watch. You could scrapbook, compile photo albums, write a memoir, or record videos of yourself talking about your life. Tell the world and your grandchildren your story. 

  1. Learn new technology.

It can seem pointless or impossible to keep up with technology these days, but failing to do so means you’re missing ways to connect with the people who matter most to you. Try to learn and keep up with today’s tech, so you can continue to experience everything good the world has to offer. Our Glen Oaks Community library offers a computer and printer for residents to use anytime as well as a theater and woodshop. 

  1. Be more authentic.

We sometimes spend most of our lives not having the hard conversations and not saying how we really feel about things. Now is the time to be truly honest with all those around you. Be your most authentic self. What do you have to lose?

Have we convinced you that a move to Glen Oaks Community is the smart thing to do in 2024? Call Kim to schedule a private tour and reserve your new home and get all your New Years Resolutions accomplished. Visit our website at www.glenoakscommunity.org or email Kim at kboyd@onevision.org. You’ll be glad you did! We look forward to hearing from you soon.